Our main production is various kinds of stage which are portable stage, Aluminum alloy stage, foldig stage; truss; flight case; pipe and drape and stage curtains. we can offer a wide range of stage, truss, and curtains dimension to suitable for any of event needs, the style can be customized according to the event subject, can be used for outdoor corporate event, sport event, weddings, exhibitions, storage factory, temporary building, production promotions and banquets which are beer festival, music event, etc.

We have a strong team in charge to guarantee the best and reliable quality that are up to international standard, wind load 100km/h and higher security, simple assembling/dismountable, easy to moveable anywhere, convenient to storage and transportation, pass the relevant certificate ,TUV, SGS and Fireretardant certificate etc.
Customer satisfaction and innovative continuously are our operation principle." />
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